Natural Grow



  • Adequate growth, thanks to its exclusive formula.
  • Excellent to recover copies left in their growth.
  • Calcium – Phosphorus 2: 1 ratio.
  • Improves calcium absorption.
  • It helps to create antibodies.
  • Prevents the appearance of infections.
  • Elimination of toxic products.
  • Purify, preserve and activate organic metabolism.
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With its exclusive formula it brings together amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which contribute to the nutritional needs of the Horses and Bovines for adequate growth, development and performance.


  • Add to the food of EQUINOS Y BOVINOS
  • Young animals: 25 g per day.
  • Adult animals: 50 g per day.

Guaranteed Composition x Kg:

  • Lysine 720.00 g.
  • Methionine 8.00 g.
  • Threonine 20.00 g.
  • Vitamin A 300,000.00 IU
  • Vitamin D3 400,000.00 U.I.
  • Vitamin E 2,000.00 U.I.
  • Calcium 72.50 g
  • Phosphorus 37.37 g.
  • Sulfur 6.30 g.
  • Excipients c.s.p 1.00 Kg

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